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Our Botanical Vine product line celebrates the beauty of the land and vast array of herbs that are grown here. We have created unique products using our estate-grown wine and spray-fee herbs that are all grown on the property. All of our products have a blend of our own small batch distilled essential oils.

Thin Stripes


Botanical Vine celebrates the beauty and bounty of what nature provides us through fruit, herbs and flowers. The brand is a representation of what is grown on our 155-acre estate, all within a mile of Lake Michigan. Our products are a combination of several practices being done on the estate, which are growing and harvesting of grapes, lavender, strawberries, apples, herbs and perennial flowers. The harvests are followed by the production of wines, hard cider, distillation of essential oils and production of body products. The goal is for visitors and customers to experience nature and to celebrate the great benefits it has for our overall well-being. Sometimes the best things in life come from the simple things that are right outside the door.


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